Reasons For The Growing Popularity Of The Electronic Keyboard

An electronic keyboard or digital keyboard is a synthesizer with built in small loudspeakers and low-wattage power amplifiers.  They include the entire range of digital pianos, synthesizers, electronic organs, stage pianos, and digital audio workstations.  They are popularly used by beginners, home users, and for use nonprofessionally.  Yamaha and Casio are the most sought after brands in electronic keyboards.  These keyboards come with unweighted keys.  In fact, only the higher priced models have velocity-sensitive keys.  One of the reasons for its popularity among non-professional users is its portability.  It is also capable of reproducing a wide range of instrument sounds such as the violin, piano, and pipe organ to name a few.  The electronic keyboard has preset sounds of different instruments and also electronic synthesizer sounds.  The user selects what he wishes to create the desired effect.

Types Of Electronic Keyboard

The electronic keyboard is the mobile version of the piano and produces music differently.  The market is flush with different kinds of keyboards with varying features and varying prices.  It was originally invented in the 1800s but really became popular in the 1980s.  The beginner keyboard has keys made from plastic and range only from 2 to about 4 octaves.  It also has very limited digitized instrument sounds.  The arranger keyboards are more sophisticated and are suitable for solo artists.  They come with chord recognition software, back-up capabilities, and USB ports.  They also have prerecorded accompaniment tracks in different music genres.  Digital workstation, synthesizers, organ, hybrid, and the digital piano are the other varieties of electronic keyboards with the digital piano being the most sophisticated version.

History Of The Electronic Keyboard

The introduction of the Hammond Organ was a major breakthrough in the history of electronic keyboards.  The electric piano in the 1940s and the music synthesizers in the 1960s were later developments in the evolution of the current form of electronic musical keyboards.  It was the adoption of MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface that allowed electronic keyboards to be linked to computers and other instruments for the purposes of programming and for input that really revolutionized the electronic musical keyboard industry.  That was the start of the production of versatile, lightweight, beautiful sounding, and affordable keyboards by manufacturers such as Korg, Yamaha, Casio, and Rolland that have made it possible for you and me to master these black and white keys.

Why Do People Opt To Learn The Electronic Keyboard

Students opt to learn the electronic keyboard as it is considered the next best thing to learning the piano.  A piano is out of the reach of most people and you would not want to invest in it unless you are really passionate about the piano.  Music schools that teach musical instruments are really becoming popular as people have realized that knowing music gives you an edge in social settings.  It stimulates the brain and improves memory.  Science and Maths are easier to tackle as it stimulates your abstract reasoning power.  It is a fun activity that gives you an opportunity to de-stress and relax.


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