Origin Of The Pop Rock Genre Of Music

Pop Rock music originated in the 1950s as a substitute to rock and roll music.  There was greater emphasis here on beat, recording craft, arrangements, and professional songwriting.  Pop rock songs are written in verse-chorus form.  There are usually 4 members in the band consisting of the vocalist, the guitarist, the drummer and the bass player.  They use a standard 4/4 time signature and there is great emphasis on “on” beats.  Pop rock songs also have appealing bass lines, powerful vocal hooks, and loud drums.  The main instrument used in the pop rock genre of music is the electric guitar along with the bass guitar and the drum kit.  The songs are more seriously penned with various lyrical themes and lyrics that are catchy and light.  Rock music can be rather strong and harsh and the existence of pop rock gives listeners a chance to listen to music that has characteristics of rock music but is gentler on the ears.

Meaning Of Pop Music And Rock Music

Pop music is popular music that has its origins in the UK and the USA.  It includes diverse styles such as urban, country, rock, Latin, and dance music, however, certain characteristics that are common to all include melodic tunes and hooks, songs that are short to medium in length, and repeated choruses.  They appeal to a general audience and there is an emphasis on craftsmanship in the creation of pop music.  Rock music originated from rock and roll music of the early 1950s.  It draws heavily from rhythm and blues, blues, folk, jazz, and country music amongst others.  Rock music is often associated with activism and has been considered the face of youth revolt.

Pop Rock That Is A Fusion Genre

Pop rock music is a fusion genre and has assimilated characteristics of both pop and rock music.  It uses a lighter and smoother approach.  In keeping with the title, it ranges from rock music that is gentler and mellower to pop music.  There are repetitive riffs and hooks in their songs.  The reason for its popularity is that it allows you to listen to rock music that is less harsh but still has its features.  Pop rock music brands continue to remain popular to this day.

Evolving Of Pop Rock Music Through The Years

Pop rock music began to be popular in the 1950s with the emergence of singers such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry.  Bands like the Beatles used mellow rock sounds in their music and shot to stardom.  Pop rock music reached its zenith in the 1960s with bands such as the Rolling Stones.  Bands now began to develop a rock star culture and pop rock musicians now began to use very distinctive clothing styles with a lot of black and bright colored costumes thrown in.  The 1990s saw a revival of pop rock music with singers like Michael Jackson.  Pop rock music continues to persevere with hit songs continuing to be produced by popular groups and singers such as OneRepublic, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Bon Jovi amongst others.


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