Necessity Of Proper Communication In Societies

Speech is necessary for proper communication.  A lack of the ability to communicate clearly and concisely can hinder your advancement in life in any sphere, be it professional or personal.  Proper speech and communication help with the development of interpersonal skills.  This is why parents like to send their children for speech and drama classes.  In these classes, children learn to express themselves accurately by speaking properly.  The ability to communicate well and speak well in public are two life skills that are necessary for children and adults alike.

Improving Articulation Through Speech And Drama Classes

Speech and drama classes help children to become more articulate by building up their vocabulary.  Reading out or enacting drama brings them into contact with new words, which they have to enunciate correctly.  They also learn the meanings of these words as they need to understand them to express the proper emotions.  Thus they learn to give expression to their thoughts and emotions and channelize it correctly leading to the creation of well-rounded personalities.  They no longer have to resort to tantrums and negative actions to express their feelings; they are able to communicate it plainly leading to amicable solving of problems.

Nurturing Self Confidence In Students

Speech and drama classes nurture in these students the self-confidence that cannot be bought or taught.  They lose stage fear or fear of talking in public as a result of which they can confidently ask questions when in doubt.  The vast expanse of vocabulary at their fingertips also translates to better writing skills.  The earlier they are sent to speech and drama classes, the better their ability will be to express themselves.  That being said, no one is too old for speech and drama classes either.  These classes are usually held in safe environments where the students are not judged or ridiculed and so they feel safe, to make mistakes and be corrected.  This gradually overcomes their fear and anxiety and induces in them the confidence to speak up.  Drama helps them to give vent to their creativity and imagination.  They are free to interpret emotions and situations according to their perceptions.

Empowering Students Through Speech And Drama Classes

Speech and drama classes are fun classes where students are allowed to choose texts and stories that interest them.  Poetry and prose are selected in such a way that it interests the students and fosters in them a love of reading.  Students are encouraged to take part in activities and drama productions that are conducted in learning friendly environments that are supportive and encouraging of the students.  They usually include vocal activities, drama exercises, and games as well as reading prose and poetry.  Speech classes emphasize the way the students speak, their posture and breathing, diction, articulation, vocal tone and resonance, accents, phonetics, remediation of speech faults such as lisping and stammering, volume and projection, and public speaking and debate.  Drama focuses on the way the student present themselves such as in gesture and body language, mime and movement, focus and concentration, acting and characterization, storytelling, play building activities, musical theater, and so on.


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