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Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts is a close-knit family of musicians and artists promoted and given guidance by a profound group of International musicians and artists. Besides, these are musicians and artists with decades of experience, who have come forward with a genuine commitment for teaching aspiring students what they have learned during their illustrious careers. With such passion for teaching, Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts has been successfully training thousands of students over the years to find a career path in music. Even the ones that don't make a career out of music are always delighted that they learned an invaluable skill-set for life.

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Linda Susan Samuel
I have successfully completed Grade 8 in Western Singing Rock and pop with Distinction from Harpeggio. I have started my early steps of singing from here itself. Harpeggio has given me so many opportunities and helped in constructing me into a singer. All the teachers at the academy are highly trained and imparts the right theoretical and practical knowledge to their students. The best thing about the academy is that it's top priority is its students and making them realize their full potential as a performer in the musical world.
Ann Maria Samuel
I joined Harpeggio in the year 2013 and completed 5 of training in electronic keyboard, before leaving for higher studies. Harpeggio has been instrumental in bringing out the musician in me and building my overall confidence. It is one of the finest academies which provide quality teaching and great facilities. It gives individual attention to its students right from the beginning helping them realize their caliber in music. I am grateful to have had the opportunity of being taught here.
Parent of Sneha
Martin Paul Mampilly.
My daughter loves this Harpeggio Academy. I am very much pleased with the qualified faculty and the level of care and attention shown to students by the management. My daughter always comes home with a satisfied smile on her face when she recaps her piano classes. Most important thing about the academy is the focus shown in training students in the way it should be. All I can say is a big "wow". I am extremely happy to have this Musical Academy in my home town.
Sudharsh Sudhakaran
I've been a student of Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts for more than ten years. I get good support and guidance from the instructor, helping me enhance the skills and creativity in music. Now, I have completed grade 8 in piano and vocals and I'm planning to pursue diploma in music as well. The academy provides classes in Western as well as Indian forms of music and fine arts. The facilities provided here are excellent. Students can utilize this to grow their talent.

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