The Universality Of Vocal Music

Vocal music is that which uses human voices to bring out the song.  It may or may not be accompanied by different instruments.  Instrumental music refers to the music produced by the use of different instruments such as percussion, woodwinds, or strings or perhaps just one instrument such as a violin or piano.  Vocal music has been around as long as man has been on this planet as it is an essential part of human expression.  It is found in cultures around the world.  Music is a universal language and people enjoy music without language or cultural barriers.  Western vocals developed in Europe include gospel music and religious hymns as well as secular music such as jazz, rock music, pop music, and the like.

Origin Of Western Vocals

Western vocals could be monophonic with only a single line of melody such as seen in Gregorian chants.  Monophonic vocal music has been prevalent since A.D.900.  Polyphonic music has several melodies being sung at the same time.  Acappella music has just human voices without any instruments accompanying them.  This form of music comes from the Italian meaning “in the manner of the chapel” as religious music was sung without musical instruments in those days.  Choral music is sung by groups of people who sing the creations of composers such as Bach and Handel.  People who are trained in Western vocals can perform in operas and musicals where they sing and act out different roles.

Type Of Western Voice Types

There are 6 common voice types in Western vocals, namely bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano.  The lowest note to the highest note a singer is able to sing determines his vocal range.  The male voice types are bass, baritone, and tenor.  The female voice types are alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano.  The bass is the lowest singing range while tenor is the highest in male voices.  Baritone is a mixture of the two and the most common voice type among males.  Among females, tenor is the lowest range and soprano the highest.  The mezzo-soprano comes between these two voices.  There are different types of music genres to choose from if you want to sing western vocals.  Pop music is the most popular.  The others are rock, blues/jazz, opera or classical, and hip-hop.  Practice is key to perfect singing irrespective of the music genre you choose.

Why Should You Train In Western Vocals

The question begs why you should train your voice to sing western vocals.  Training helps us to get control over our voices.  We are then able to sing with freedom and confidence because of the practice and guidance we have received.  Singing helps to improve your musical ear and make you more appreciative and discerning of the different types of music and singing.  Singing or listening to music when you are down in the dumps helps to lift you up as it releases endorphins.  It helps you to notice your breathing and thereby relax your muscles and your entire body.  Music also bridges gaps and helps to make new friends, so make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to train your voice to its fullest.


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