Strengthening Bonds In Society With Music And Arts

A society, which is a group of people living together, should enhance the lives of the people within it.  Therefore, it is important that people develop interpersonal skills that lead to peaceful coexistence.  Music and arts has been a part of society from time immemorial as is evidenced by the discovery of flutes made of bone and ivory and carvings and drawings on walls of buildings during excavations at archaeological sites.  Music and arts have thus been shown to strengthen bonds in society as it brings people together to enjoy a pleasurable activity.  Researchers who have studied the effect of music on people have concluded that it impacts the brain circuits that are involved in trust and empathy.  It is possible to find a gathering of people wherever music is played, whether it is on street corners or in the airport.  Thus it acts like a social magnet that gathers people together in harmony.

Promoting Peaceful Coexistence In Societies

Music increased contact between peoples in ancient society.  Since there were no recordings of music, the only way people could enjoy music was to assemble together at live performances.  Needless to say, likeminded people gathered together in peace and harmony thereby promoting peaceful coexistence, trust, and cooperation with each other.  This would have been especially essential for our ancestors for their survival during difficult times.  This also helped in the creation of stable societies.  It has also been found that when people indulge in activities they love such as listening to music, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, and sketching, pleasure chemicals called endorphins get released in the brain leading to feelings of relaxation and generosity among the peoples.

Reflection Of The Culture Of A Society

Music and arts enriches the minds and lives of people and thereby enriches the society they live in.  The culture and heritage of any country is reflected in its arts and music.  Promoting music and arts helps to calm down the stressed out minds of people and lessens their frustrations.  If you ask any person about the effect music and arts has on them, the first answer would be that it de-stresses them.  It is stressed out individuals who vent their rage on others by getting into arguments on the road or in communities.  A driver who listens to soothing classical music is less likely to be irritated or get into road rages even during bad traffic jams.

Increasing Cohesiveness In Society

The biggest impact music and arts has on society is the cohesiveness that it brings to society.  It has the power to change people’s perceptions and emotions.  We hear of music and art shows by famous personalities the world over to promote peace or to bring home to us the effect of our love for materialism on our planet Earth.  We are more likely to listen to harsh correction when it is given through the medium of music and arts.  This is one of the reasons integration of music and arts into school curricula is being so strongly encouraged.  This will ensure that from childhood, our children are imbued with the qualities that go to make strong and sustainable societies.

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