Music Shorthand Of Emotion

Music Is The Shorthand Of Emotion

The great Russian author, Leo Tolstoy once said that music is the shorthand of emotion. Music helps to convey those emotions which you may find difficult to express in words or actions. A person who is reticent and unable to express his feelings can make it very well known to the intended person with the right music. Music spans the entire gamut of emotions and that is why learning music is considered such an advantage. You can enroll yourself or your child in one of the best music schools in Kochi – the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts and you will learn ways to express a wide range of emotions without bottling or suppressing it.

Chores Made Easy

Boring or difficult chores become so much easier to perform if we are listening to music. That is why we listen to music when we have to exercise, clean rooms, water the garden, or do other routine chores or duties that we find boring. Music makes our lives so much lighter and happier, so maybe it would do you good to step into a music school of repute such as the Harpeggio school of Music. Have you wondered why parents sing lullabies to their babies to soothe them to sleep? Music soothes all our minds and calms us down. The scientific explanation would be that music increases the blood flow to those regions of the brain that control emotions. It is believed that the limbic system that processes our emotions lights up when we hear music.

Release Of Dopamine

It has been found that as we listen to music especially familiar songs, our body begins to release dopamine that is responsible for the sensation of wellbeing and pleasure. Even if it is a new piece of music, it still affects our mood for the better. We may not be able to repeat the notes or recognize the rhythm but it will still calm us down. As people grow older and memorizing things become difficult, they will still find it easy to recall the lyrics of songs that they learnt in high school or college. That is why it is so important that children are taught music at an early age. This will help them to cope with the challenges that life throws at them as they grow older. Music schools such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts are places of repute where you can enroll your children, so that they can learn ways to cope with life without falling off the wagon.

Music And School Curriculum

Sending your children to good music schools such as Harpeggio will also help them with their studies. It has been shown that it is possible for brain cells to process more information when you are listening to music. Music also improves the ability of the brain to adapt which is why music therapy is so important in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered strokes. The type of music you listen to is also important. Positive emotions such as delight, high spirits, enthusiasm, and excitement are invoked when you listen to fast paced music. People generally listen to slow music when they are feeling sad or under the weather. The artists at music concerts play music at a fast tempo to liven up the crowd and increase their level of excitement. Music played at 60 BPM helps you to relax and invokes feelings of love and introspection whereas at 12 BPM and above, it evokes excitement and drama.

Free Of All Limitations

So then we go back to why Leo Tolstoy called music the shorthand of emotion. Music is a universal language that speaks directly to your heart. It is a language of emotion, so your complex emotions can be relayed easily through the music you play or listen to. You are not limited by language, background, your culture, or age. Music is understood by everyone and anyone and the emotion you wish to convey need not be particularly explained to the people listening. We are able to understand the emotion conveyed through music clearly because of the activation of a group of brain cells called mirror neurons.

Enough reasons don’t you think to go quickly and enroll at the best music academy in Kochi – the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts!!!

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