Slow Learners And Music – 2

Music Training Enhances Cognitive Functions

The Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Kochi has continued to conduct online music lessons during the pandemic and even during the lockdown as they are convinced of the effect of music training on cognitive functions. Research has shown a marked improvement in IQ as a result of musical training by as much as 7.5 points or almost 20% with better scores in math and language tests. In particular, music greatly benefits the development of spatial skills and tasks in individuals. The special areas that benefit from musical training include verbal intelligence, memory, verbal memory, literacy, and spatial learning.

Quality Music Education To Reactivate Our Brain

How does it help improve the memory of our children? Listening to music activates areas of the brain associated with memory, speech, emotion, reasoning, and reward. Music helps us to create new memories and retrieve stored memories easily. When musicians create memories, they connect a phrase or sound with visual, emotional, or conceptual elements. This process is transferred to other areas too to assist and build up memory skills. Studies have emphasized the need for high quality music education, not just any music lessons, which is why enrolling your child in the best music academy in Kochi is important. They also offer online classes, so you can enroll your child from anywhere in the world to experience the advantages of music lessons such as brain growth and better academic results.

Better Academic Results With Music Lessons

One of the reasons parents state for not sending their children for extracurricular activities such as music lessons is their fear that it will affect their academic results. Time spent on music lessons is often considered a waste of time by them. However, studies have revealed that music helps children to concentrate better. The stress of competition and the stress of entrance examinations these days is also reduced by enrolling them for music lessons in institutes such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts, which is the best music school in Kochi. Most importantly for parents who are worried about grades being affected by music lessons, research has shown conclusively that children get higher grades and therefore music lessons impact academics very positively.

Improved Literacy And Language Skills

Again research has shown that the development of the brain in the area that is responsible for auditory processing was accelerated in those students who were involved in musical training. This in turn greatly benefits literacy skills. It also accelerates the brain maturation of young adolescents. Giving them training in music enables them to develop their language skills including learning additional languages in an enjoyable and effective background. It is important therefore that you enroll your children in online music lessons, shifting to physical lessons later once the pandemic eases off. You can avail of lessons from celebrated music teachers in reputed institutes such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts.

Help For Those With Learning Deficits

Music lessons are especially useful for students who have learning deficits. It gives them an outlet for their frustration. It also gives them an opportunity to use their innate creative abilities. It promotes skills such as more effective communication, concentration, and also teaches them to work in teams. For those children coming from disrupted homes and communities or those who have undergone abuse, music lessons can be a source of refuge, a place where they can vent and express their emotions and feelings without repercussions. Structured music lessons such as those provided at online music schools will help with their cognitive abilities and visual and spatial memories and their ability to plan and organize tasks better.

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