Soul Healing During Covid Times With Online Music Classes

Music is something people turn to when they feel blue, when they feel on top of the world, when they are grieving, and when they are worshipping God! So what is this music we are talking about? It is an endless combination of voices, sounds, and instruments! Music is different things to different people. It is there in the chirping of the birds early morning, the moving of the branches in the breeze, even the honking of a car out on the road! It appeals to different people differently. Music conveys feelings and emotions. It all depends on how your mind and heart reacts to the words and the tune of the song. Music is there in the silence, in the sounds you hear, and the vibrations you feel and you can be a part of it in these Covid times with online music classes.

How Does Music Soothe People?

The appeal of music changes according to where you come from. The soulful raga can be quite annoying to someone more used to peppy music. Irrespective of what kind of music appeals to you, the fact remains that music is universal and its rhythms and melodies bring people together. It is quite common to see a crowd gathering around a person playing the guitar or an accordion, or perhaps just singing a song in the street or the underground corridor. These people could be from any strata of society. Sometimes they could be just passing by and they halt, captivated by the music. Music soothes and calms people down, so why not take this opportunity to learn music from the best music school in Cochin. It puts them into a mellow mood which is probably why people who have a tendency to go off the handle or succumb to road rage often listen to music while driving to calm them down. They say this calming effect is due to the brain releasing endorphins, which quells anxiety and stabilizes the immune system.

Are Balcony Concerts Helping People To Cope With Covid?

In these days of the pandemic, with the lockdown being enforced and people unable to meet each other, there have been numerous cases of depression and people resorting to extreme measures, unable to bear the loneliness and isolation. Music has proved to be a very therapeutic companion to many and a source of comfort to many more. A lot of people have made use of this forced lockdown period to catch up on music lessons with online music classes. This has also been a time of listening to and learning new genres of music. Music composers have utilized this time to bring out new compositions and songs. So you could say that all in all, this lockdown period has been a time of creativity. Anxiety has been released by balcony concerts as music acted as a bond between the music players and listeners and gave them a sense of belonging, participation, and a feeling of togetherness.

Musicians Hitesh and his family in Delhi performed a concert from their balcony for their neighbors during lock down
Musicians Hitesh and his family in Delhi performed a concert from their balcony for their neighbors during lock down.

Generating Togetherness With Popular Music

Music boosts mental and physical performance, which is why you find people engaging in hard labor harmonizing to the rhythm of background music. Likewise, a lot of students learn while listening to music as it helps to de-stress them and improve their memory as they listen to neutral calming music. Meditative music has become very popular during these Covid times as it soothes the mind and helps the listener to relax. So make full use of this time to learn instruments such as the piano, violin, drum kit, and keyboard at music schools such as Harpeggio, which is a Trinity certified academy. Music has also acted as a balm creating connections between people, improving mental wellbeing, and inducing a feeling of positivity, the feeling that this too shall pass!

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