Music And Arts Helping With Personality Development Of Our Children

In the modern competitive world, there is a lot of emphasis on the core subjects to help students make a mark in the world of job opportunities.  The greatest fear of a parent is that their child would be left behind and this causes them to shun arts and music in favor of more promising avenues of study.  What they fail to realize is that an education in music and arts is necessary for the personality development of their children.  Including these subjects into the curriculum gives them an opportunity to relax their minds and bodies and give vent to their creativity.  The ability to think creatively is bound to increase their problem solving abilities and their abilities to think out of the box.  Therefore, children must be encouraged to participate in music and arts irrespective of whether they are talented or not.

Improving Self-Image With Music And Arts

Participating in music and arts is very helpful for children who are diffident and unsure of themselves.  Very often, children who are unable to excel in academics are branded as dull and not good enough resulting in poor self-images and stunted personalities.  When these children take part in the performing arts and music, it gives them opportunities to find their own creative space and opens out a whole new world for them.  Performing arts constantly requires improvisation and thus they are forced to use their creative abilities to find solutions.  They develop a feeling of empowerment when they realize their own capabilities.  Appreciation and applause can change these vulnerable children into confident personalities who are able to make their own mark in the challenging world outside their schools.

Music And Arts Creating Better Communicators

There is an increasing realization by school authorities too of the necessity of compulsorily involving their students in the arts and music sessions in schools to help them become better communicators and for better personality development.  Education should not only produce students equipped with great knowledgeable in all the different subjects but it should also instill in them the qualities required to lead healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.  It should create individuals who are assets to the societies they belong to.  Education in arts and music helps to create empathetic people who are able to work in teams to fulfill goals.  It helps in the development of personalities who are able to learn independently with discipline and self-control to fulfill their dreams.

Creating Well-Rounded Personalities With Music And Art

Learning music and arts helps to develop critical thinking skills.  It also helps children to develop their spatial-temporal reasoning which translates into abstract thinking and problem solving abilities.  Appreciating art and music develops in them a tolerance and understanding of diverse cultural communities and thereby helps in the fostering of peaceful communities.  As a child sees patterns in words, sounds, music, and drawings, they learn to interpret meanings that are being communicated.  Art and music smudge the economic, social, and racial barriers.  Children exposed early to curricula that also includes music and arts are better able to apply the knowledge they obtain and transfer it to situations in life much more easily.

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