Music, Soul of the Universe

Exploring The Soul Of The Universe With Music

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything, said Plato, over 2500 years ago. So, what exactly is the soul? It is the essence of a person. Music is what makes the universe as unique and wonderful as it is. Music has the ability to connect people as no one and nothing else can. In fact, music is so much a part of us and the universe that we cannot even imagine a life without the sounds of music. Music is a universal language that connects us to all forms of life and that is why it makes sense to be a part of a music school such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts to brush up your music skills.

Enhancing The Power Of Imagination With Music

Music is as old as the hills. Early man probably imitated the birds and the animals and created rhythms and sounds which we now call music. Music connects with our souls and helps us to express our times of happiness and sorrow. Music has an impact not only on humans but also on animals and even plants. The faster beats of music can stimulate our brain and increase the concentration and focus of our minds. The slower and softer beats of music help to calm and soothe us. Music gives wings to our mind by creating images in our brain and helping our imagination to scale levels, perhaps never ventured into before. Imagination is the result of a neuron network that alters and uses signs and symbols as well as ideas to help you with problem solving skills. You can give wings to your imagination too by enrolling in one of the best music schools in Kochi, that is at Harpeggio’s!

Improve Creativity With Music

Music gives flight to your imagination. Listening to music or playing music ups your creativity skills. Music works on our brains subconsciously. It kindles the higher brain and enables it to come up with creative solutions to problems. Music helps to unlock the creativity that is within each one of us. Integrating music into the education system will also help with kindling again the suppressed creativity in our children. Enrolling your children at music schools in Kochi can help stimulate their creativity. Dopamine also is released when we listen to music making creativity an enjoyable task. Music also evokes emotions such as tears or experiencing a sense of divinity. It can help you to imagine an event and all the emotions associated with it. Music can transport you into a different era totally, it is that potent.

Music – The Universal Language

Music transcends languages. It is the beat of the music and the emotions it conveys that speaks to you. You can always find a gathering of people when there is music playing even if it is in public. You would have noticed that when buskers perform exceptionally well, there are people stopping to listen and appreciate it. It is not necessary that they understand what is being played or sung; its just the beauty of the sounds that compel them to stay back and listen. Likewise flash mobs at public places are effective precisely for this reason. Music is a skill that will always hold you in good stead and the best way to learn it is by enrolling in a really good music school such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts at Kochi.

Music In Communication And Healing

Music brings about social cohesion because it speaks to everyone. You don’t need words when you have music that is understood by anyone and not limited by geography or language. Communication becomes so much easier and there is less misunderstanding with music. This particular art form has at its core the interaction of people. Musical instruments and discussion about music brings about a camaraderie among strangers that is difficult to break. Music is also used in healing because it brings about a sense of wellbeing and calmness to your mind. It relieves you of stress and thereby reduces your blood pressure and heart rate. Music helps you to work in a team and teaches you the importance of perseverance and discipline.

So step into the best music school at Kochi, the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Arts to bring out the best version of yourself!

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