Music Speaks

Music Speaks To Your Heart

When words fail, music speaks! There have been umpteen instances when this famous quote by Hans Christian Andersen have rung so true. Overcome with emotion and unable to express it but the words of a song and the music that accompanies it expresses it for us instead. It doesn’t matter if the people around us are from a different nationality, region, religion, or language. Music transcends all these artificial barriers and unites men who share the same emotion. Music schools in Kochi help you to appreciate the finer nuances in music. When we listen to a patriotic song, our hearts swell with pride. Likewise, joyful trippy songs are played at weddings and happy occasions and vice versa. We only have to listen to the music and we know what the situation is.

Music In Movies

Movies use music in soundtracks to help with their storytelling. It can be used to foreshadow an event or to set the tone of the scene. Viewers are quickly able to grasp the storyline when they use the right sound track. Sound tracks may merge into the background but we quickly notice it if it is missing. The music in the movie helps to emphasize or accentuate the really crucial moments in the storyline. Words are not really necessary; the music will say it all much more expressively. Enrolling in a reputed music school such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Fine Arts will help you to appreciate the sound tracks in a movie much better. Music played from the heart and soul of the musician has the ability to touch your soul too.

Music Uplifts You

When you are down and out or going through an especially challenging situation, the lyrics of a song you hear can resonate so beautifully with your feelings. You feel an empathy with the singer. You can let your emotions flow and get the healing from airing out your emotions. As everyone knows, suppressed emotions over time can affect us quite a bit. That is why music therapy is so effective because it allows you to be as you are, it doesn’t judge or condemn, and you are given the space and time to recover. Being a part of a reputed music school such as Harpeggio will surely help you to get rid of suppressed emotions.

Why Flashmobs Are Effective

Flashmobs are quite popular in public places. This spontaneous outburst of a song and dance number brings all the people together. Many a time people may not understand the language but they definitely understand the music and will clap along and enjoy the music. These flashmobs may be purely for entertainment but sometimes it could be to convey a message. The creators of this flashmob sequence know very well the ability of music to drive home a point without hurting people or causing a rift. Likewise, it can be used to introduce a product in a very imaginative way. Knowledge of music is always an asset and what better way to master it than by joining a music school of repute such as Harpeggio’ in Kochi.

Music And Your Brain

So how does music speak to the emotions in us? Our brain stem is attuned to the different sounds in the environment. Chords, which are harmonically simple, sound pleasant because we divide the tones into different pitches. The emotional impact of music can be observed right from the time of conception. The kind of songs a mother hears definitely has an impact on the fetus in her womb. A baby is soothed to sleep by the lullaby the mother sings. The music in the lullaby imprints calm memories into the mind of the child. Mirror neurons in our brain also help us to empathize with the emotion in the music. This it does by triggering the limbic system which is the area of the brain which controls our emotions. Another theory is that intrinsic oscillations of different groups of neurons in the brain are activated by the soundwave frequency and the beat of rhythms. There is no doubt that our brain plays an important part in our perception of emotion through music when words fail.

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