Integrating Music And Arts Into Mainstream Education To Encourage Creativity

Music and arts bring joy to people.  It is an opportunity for them to give expression to their creativity.  Music and arts are often overlooked in the educational stream in favour of more “useful” subjects such as the sciences.  It is not considered as having the ability to lead the child into a career stream and earn a living.  Most Indian families consider it a “timepass” or an opportunity for the child to relax in the midst of more important subjects.  That concept is slowly changing however and the importance of having music and arts as part of the school curriculum is slowly being recognized.  The immense pressure placed on students to achieve superlative results has led to a lot of heartbreak and mental trauma.  Parents now recognize the necessity of getting their wards to also take up subjects that offer them an opportunity to mentally and physically relax and repair their minds and bodies, an opportunity to switch off the stressors and pressures of their young lives.

Improving Self-Esteem By Enrolling In Music And Arts Lessons

Learning music and arts helps to create well balanced personalities.  The precision and focus that is necessary to master these skills as well as the discipline and dedication it requires transfers into life skills that can be used to overcome difficulties in any other subject or life situation.  Learning music and arts brings almost immediate results as in the song you are able to sing, the instrument you are able to play, or the piece of art you draw or paint.  It has been proven that learning music and arts helps to create confidence in people with low self-esteem.  There may be children who are not good at studies but may excel in the arts and music.  The appreciation and the applause that they receive when they display these talents can motivate them to do better in the other subjects.  They may be inspired to seek help to better themselves instead of allowing themselves to slide into despondency.

Developing Aesthetic Awareness Through Music And Art

Students of music and arts are able to create their own identity when they recognize the genre of music or arts they are interested in or identify with.  They are able to open their minds into a whole new world and explore new ideas and new situations.  They can let loose their creativity and develop aesthetic awareness.  They get better cultural exposure as they explore and study about music and arts in the different parts of the world.  The greater their exposure to the world the greater their ability to appreciate peoples of different cultures and beliefs.  They learn to appreciate diversity and become builders of social harmony.

Ignoring Music And Art At A Cost

Music and arts as part of the curricula can be ignored only at the cost of hurting our children.  Irrespective of whether they want to pursue these subjects for relaxation or seriously and irrespective of whether they have natural talent or not, it must be made compulsory to all students especially in the secondary schools.  This will help them to subconsciously build up their self-confidence while challenging them and giving an outlet to their creativity.

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