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All About The Genres Of Music

Music preferences vary from person to person. There are different types of music around the world and it is difficult to classify them all. Also, there are no accepted norms by which we can classify music. So what do we understand by the term, music genre?. A particular genre of music combines together pieces of music that share certain traditions or conventions. There are certain criteria by which music is included into a particular genre but genres generally overlap because music is so subjective. The top music genres are classical, rock, pop music, Rhythm and Blues, hip hop music, country music, jazz, and so on.

Music Genres In India

We also have different genres of music in India. This classification is based on the place of origin, traditions and culture of the region, and socio-economic practices of the different regions in India. India is a land of diversity and so is the Indian Subcontinent. Classical music has a strong presence in India along with folk music. Music centers such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music & Arts are attempting to create fusion music incorporating elements of pop, jazz, and other genres into the traditional Indian music scenario.

Classical Music In India

Classical music is very popular in India. The two main classifications under this category is Hindustani style in the North and the Carnatic style in the South. There is a lot of scope for improvisation in Hindustani music as a result of which it has been greatly influenced by Persian, Afghan, and Arabic music. Carnatic music on the other hand has remained unchanged over generations. Besides these 2 styles of music, folk music is also very popular in India with each region or state having its own distinctive style of music. Folk music is the music of the people and does not follow any particular set of rules. Folk music is full of musical rhythms and is dance oriented. In fact, folk dance is a part of the repertoire of dances taught at Harpeggio, the best music and dance school in Kochi.

Fusion Music In Kochi

Music schools in Kochi such as the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Dance also teach a fusion of classical and folk music. Fusion music emerged as a result of the constant search for more exciting or soothing music. In the genre of fusion music, some conventional modes are trimmed and new perspectives introduced to reflect the lifestyle and attitude of the people of today. Modern music is also a genre quite popular in the Indian scenario. This twentieth century music appeals to the younger generation and is quite a popular art form taught at the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Arts, one of the best music schools in Kochi. Modern music gives the composers a lot of leeway as it experiments with different and new styles, forms, and techniques.

The Pop Music Scene In India

Indian pop music is also a very popular genre of music thanks to Bollywood movies and the beautiful music composed in regional language movies. Indian pop music combines beats from all over the world as well as Indian classical and folk music. Indian dance music is another popular genre made popular by the Indian film industry. Popularly called DJ music, it is based on Indian movies and popular Indian pop songs. Electronics and the broadband have made all kinds of music accessible to people in India and the world over. YouTube, Spotify, iTunes are apps that allow you to listen to a broad range of songs in different languages. The music trainers at Harpeggio, one of the best music schools in Kochi understand this and allow their students to experiment with different genres of music to broaden their outlook and also to enable them to choose for themselves a genre of music they can identify with.

How Do People Choose Music?

There are many factors that determine the way a person chooses his music. Personality definitely influences the choice of music. People who consider themselves rebellious often tend to choose music genres such as heavy metal and hard rock. More relaxing music such as Jazz and classical music are preferred by the more conservative ones. Gender also affects your choice of music. Women tend to choose soothing and melodious music whereas a lot of men would rather listen to heavy metal and hard rock. Music preferences also tend to change with age.

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