Dance and Maths

Exploring The Relationship Between Dance And Mathematics

Mathematics and dance!!! What connection are you talking about???  Maths is numbers, numbers, and more numbers!!!! 

Where Is Maths In Dance?

This could be the general response of any person who is introduced to the close connection between mathematics and dance.  You barely hear maths and dance being spoken of in the same sentence.  But in fact, arts and mathematics are interconnected in very many ways.  The science of mathematics can be discerned in music, painting, sculpture, textiles, architecture, and of course the dance forms.  Both these disciplines require the use of spatial reasoning skills and the ability to recognize patterns, shapes, proportion, symmetry, and measurement.

How Will Dance Make Maths Easier?

Dance is a combination of different kinds of moves.  To one who observes closely, you can see the shapes, patterns, and rhythm in dance movements.  Teaching mathematics with dance will help students to understand the concept more easily.  You can learn different kinds of dance forms at the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Kochi.  The creativity in these dance forms will enhance your understanding of mathematical concepts.

Proof Of The Pudding!!!

To those still in doubt about the connection between mathematics focused on rationality and logic and dance which is all about emotional and physical expression, the studies by Dr. Karl Schaffer and Mr Erik Stern can be eye openers.  Their studies have shown that 83% of those who participated in the integration of dance with math courses scored better.  This is why it’s a good idea to enroll in dance classes at the best dance academy in Kochi, namely the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts.  In these Covid times when there are so many restrictions on physical movements, you can enroll in online classes too.

Geometry And Dance

Geometry is a mathematical concept that is very close to dance.  You can see the shapes, angles, and lines that is an integral part of dance very clearly in this concept.  Students are able to visualize and understand better as they actually practice what they are learning in math classes in their dance classes.  They learn how to stay parallel to other dancers and maintain distance even when they move in order to maintain formations.  You can choose to learn the classical forms of dance such as Kathak, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, or Bharatanatyam or join the free style dance classes at the most popular dance academy in Kochi, the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts.

Maths Is Exciting!!

Learning dance helps to fine tune the critical thinking ability of students of mathematics as well as their social, emotional, and motor skills.  They stop thinking of maths as a boring dry subject and respond to it with interest and enthusiasm.  Joining the dance classes at the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts gives you access to the best teachers in the industry.  You can even make dance your profession by joining in their Annamalai University of Distance Education Grade Certificate Program.
Don’t permit the current pandemic to stop you!  Dance your blues away with Western dances! Keep your morale up with Zumba dancing!!!Pick up your phone and connect with the Harpeggio Academy of Music and Fine Arts!!  Don’t let distant be a deterrent to joining the finest dance academy in Kochi.  You can opt for online or physical classes as per your preference!!!

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